Saturday, March 8, 2008

This Week in Montreal Music Friday March 7 2008

Back in the old days, I made a list of what was worth catching around town, particularly concerning music. And so, I thought I’d start off with a list of what is good and gooder in the city. Sadly, I’m doing this on Saturday, so I’m not going to bother with Friday.

Firstly, there’s the ongoing Under the Snow Festival ( which features some mightly unique sounds from Montreal’s electronic, postrock, and experimental scene. I’ve seen a few of these bands before, like Panopticon Eyelids (Sunday night at La Sala). If this stuff turns your crank, well… you can enjoi the noi(se).

On more mundane notes, well, tonight, yeah, tonight, there are choices. Let me rephrase that. There are Choices, with a capital C. The soulful crooning of Katie Moore and the Angela Deveaux Band is pulling into the Divan Orange, while countrified fun with the Corb Lund Band is at Les Saints. I’m torn, tbqh (to be quite honest). I like both. It’s also snowing and may not stop until Sunday. I might just listen to cds and swill diet coke and pine for what I can not do. Such is winter. I gotta love it.

Tuesday, a little known band I adore, OKgiraffe is playing at Divan Orange. This cool little boy-girl duo trades off a bass (the double kind) and a guitar. They occasionally play full band, backed up with drums and various varia. I find them kind of rootsy, jazz blues specialist types. They seem to be the choice openers for many bands, and once you hear them, you’ll see why. I don’t think they’ll be little-known for long.

Wednesday. Holy shit. I nearly spilled my coffee when I sawDown with the Butterfly is back in town, playing the L’Esco. This east coast (Halifax?) outfit has wowed me previously. But, I dig those east coast long jams and I know some folks like a more minimalist approach to music. Pas moi. If you’re not into that, Snailhouse (woo) is playing as well at Divan Orange with Mia Verko, and that will probably pretty good stuff too.

And Friday, well, Coco Rosie at le Nationale.

This week is smoking. No, correct that… this week is SmokinG.

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