Sunday, April 13, 2008

Montreal Music This Week (behind alas)

Truth be told, I should have done this days ago. I've been out to a few shows... and now I should review them and all that. Well, I'll see how my time stretches or doesn't.
So, this week, holy schmokes, wow.
First, let me report that old time friends of mine, a band of fantastic name: Grand Theft Bus, played the Black Dot with Snailhouse and Tall Firs on Friday. The Black Dot is kick ass as far as venues go. This is my kind of place. It's practically someone's living room that's been converted into a venue. I felt like I was peeking in on a band practicing in the living room. It was wonderbar! Anyway, the Bus delivered as per usual. They have a new sound and a new member(its been a few years since I've seen them play), but still manage to deconstruct sound and create a kind of noisy chaos that eventually re-evolves into more melodic pieces. I think its fun, but I'm not sure if all the indie hipsters in the room got it. But that's kind of my complaint about stereotypical groups. When it comes to indie hipsters, of it wasn't discussed on stillepost or pitchfork media, they don't know what to think.

Alright, so let's do the rundown. I realize it's sunday already. eep. Well, I should recap what you could of seen on Saturday just to keep things here kind of regular-ish.

So, Friday, if you weren't heading to hear the Bus, I would have told everyone to check out Jorane at Le Nationale. She is something awesome. A french cellist who fuses pop and rock with classical music. She's pretty special and doesn't play that often (at least, it doesn't seem like she plays very often).

Saturday, um... I was also occupied with a huge War Requiem put on by McGill's Schulich School of Music. It was big, intense, and passionate -- held in the church at Henri Julien and Rachel -- a wonderful venue for it. A boy's choir was seated in the balcony above, sounding like angels pronouncing the anti-war message. Anyway, that was well worth attending, but there were many other goods going on: Basia Bulat, for example. And, oooh, at Petit Campus was the Party Bluets, which apparently included the very cool Psycho Riders and another of my favs: Les Dales Hawerchucks.

Sunday, that would be today, right? Well, I was at l'escalier (formerly known as L'Utopik) watching jazzy soul singer accompanied by a human beatbox and some mighty flamenco like fingers on the guitair. It was wonderful. But, I could have seen Autechre (sigh) at Club Soda, Heros and Villains at Divan Orange, or even the Dirtbombs at the Musee Juste Pour Rire theatre. Well, you can't do it all.

Monday is quiet. Nothing of note. Although, I'm intrigued by this band's name: Elephantine... playing at Sala Rossa, which suggests this might be worth checking out if it falls in a genre of music that interests me.

Tuesday... whoa... Hot chip with Free Blood. I tried to get a ticket today, but it was soooold out. boo.

Wednesday. I don't think my eyes are deceiving me, but I'm blinking. The Cult is playing at L'Olympia with the Clicks. I think my devotion to the cult ended when they sold She Sells Sanctuary to Toyota or some other car company.

So, let me pre-empt next week a bit, just in case I'm behind again. matthiew d'astous (he's quite good) is playing Thursday at Theatre Lionel Groulx. And Friday, the very sexy Peter Elkas is opening for Jason Collett at Petit Campus.

and yes, that should be a wrap.

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