Sunday, June 29, 2008

God Made Me Funky Indeed

I've never played in a band, but it doesn't take more than a little empathy to realize how crowd energy contributes to performance. I've seen God Made Me Funky play before, and they are always an energetic, entertaining gang. But this time, they were on fire and their coordinated dance moves were outtasight! One thing that this bands does is bring back some songs from the 80s that are... well... funky. Or groovy. Or both. Songs like Walk this Way, Superfreak, and Jump Around. Perhaps I date myself, but these songs are due for a comeback. I miss them... and I know all the words.

In general, if there's one thing that god makes me funky realize it's that Montreal could truly use a jam band scene. We have indie pop and underground hip hop and reggae and jazz and metal. Why don't we have any jam bands? The city is full of French hippies who go around in their hemp clothing and through off their shoes at a moment's notice. The tams are packed with people who are jam band ripe. The enthusiasm of the crowd at this show made me realize we are thirsting for jam bands here. I do hope that in my sojourn, a few jam bands materialize here.

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