Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice SubCollisions Style

I had plans. Oh, did I have plans! I was done up like it was prom and I was going to slow dance with every attractive man and perhaps even woman, just to keep things lively, at the hipster slowdance. However, you can't dance if you're the only person who arrives. A lack of muller-arounders outside convinced me that the Slow Dance party was not my part. Instead, I wandered St. Laurent until I stumbled upon SubCollisions playing at Divan Orange.

There are days when I fear for the Montreal music scene. Anything "too cool" often stops being fun. Cool becomes a barrier between those who are in and those who are out. And these are extremely arbitrary decisions that serve to exclude. I was more than pleased to learn that there are bands in Montreal who are more fun than anything else. Subcollisions is one of these.

A 10 piece band, though I think only 5 musicians stayed on stage, they belt out the most incredible good time cabaret. Since it was solstice, everyone was dressed like they'd stumbled out of a Midsumemr night's dream. Inbetween familiar and unfamliar songs, small acts that included a poetry reading and a horse "he's hung like a horse" seducing a virgin turned the whole thing into a scene out of Moulin Rouge, but without absinthe. This was total mayhem, total randomness, total fun. The whole crowd was dancing and singing along, stomping their feet. It was a revelry.

And, if I don't mention the talent, well, slap me with a cold salmon across the face. The band is amazing and the two female singers have incredible voices.

Bravo. I rung in solstice in a way it deserved.

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