Sunday, November 30, 2008

Plants and Animals at Divan Orange

I don't think I can rave about this band enough. They get better n' better n' better every time. Spicer was singing to the edge of his pipes and it still got me deep inside and made me want to dance and never stop. I love how they come together with so much energy and bacchanalian fun.

For the sake of filling space, let me at least note the following. The night prior, P&A played a sold out show at La Tulipe. I've been to La Tulipe and though its a nice place to see a show, its a big, crowded venue. Divan Orange, home base, is small, intimate, and has pretty mediocre acoustics. It doesn't matter. It felt like a privilege to be there, mere feet away from these soulful, spritely merry-makers.

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