Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Montreal's Happening Gourmand

Food is an art, and for the next two weeks, Montreal's Old Port area is having a dinner special. Some of the top tables are offering a prix-fixe well worth checking out if you have a few twenties to spare.

Clocking in at $17, we have Italian restaurant Galianos, Suite 701, and Narcisse.

For just five bucks more, $22 will give you a meal at Restaurant Du Vieux Port, Modavie, and M├ęchant Boeuf.

And $27 will let you dine at Verses or Aix Cuisine Du Terroir.

Now, back in the day, I was a foodie, so I can safely recommend those restaurants in which I dined. Galianos is much loved by some of my friends, including some old school Italian cooks. Modavie has a great ambiance and some fine lamb (not that they are offering lamb). Verses is one of my favorite places to eat in Montreal. As for the rest, I think I may try them out at these prices...

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