Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holler Wild Rose, Broadcast Radio, and the Urban Aesthetic

It's been awhile, but I've been preoccupied with a massive move.
Not to worry, I do get out now and then.
This time to catch 3 bands I don't know at all, and am so glad to add to my life list of seen bands...

Urban Aesthetic looked like the most mild mannered group of clark kents to grace a stage. But, as if out of a break in the space-time contiuum, they leapt into action on their first song, drawing everyone to them. They have a new fan in me and I'll keep my eyes out for this Ottawa based band.

next, Holler Wild Rose from New Jersey showed us a bit of psychodelica. Is that even a word? This lovely band played big wide songs that were guitar layered. It was a great sound! Although, I think the lead singer was wearing his sister's pants. They were tight in places that emphasized parts of his anatomy and this was fascinating to me for reasons I am in no position to explain.

Finally, the local version of Franz Ferdinand/the Killers, Broadcast Radio came out with their disco-tinged, dance enabling rock and roll joy. I love this particular sound and am pleased to have caught the show.

Sorry such a short and uninformative review, but I'm short on time and energy. More to come as the spring rolls in.

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