Sunday, May 3, 2009

Indyish Monthly Mess in May

I swore I would make it to one of the Monthly Mess nights of Indyish about two years ago. Now that I've gone, I regret not going sooner. This monthly party in a quasi-remote location features a nonstop line up of short acts from across the arts and culture scene of Montreal. Basically, these guys are the sampler of everything I should see and do with every free evening of my life. Except, of course, for my responsibilities and also my own artistic endeavors.

I would be at a loss to explain each act individually. Every single performer was outstanding -- Nir Blue, Chris Ralph, David Syrshpan, DAvid Simard, and especially the Darling Demaes. The Darling Demaes have more than a little buzz around them, so I'm hoping they'll play locally soon and I can fill your ears up on their charms and wonders. The comics, including host Asaf Gerchak, were certainly entertaining, and dare I say, varied. I wouldn't want to be around David Heti when he's having a bad day, that's for sure. I suppose last of all, I should mention the search for foreskin origins reading and powerpoint presentation by Jeff Gandell, which I enjoyed not just for its amusement value, but also for the gentle interplay of text and image.

Indyish Monthly Mess, we will not be out of touch!

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risa said...

so glad you liked the show! keep in touch, we could always use more wise artsy lady love! =)