Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pick a Piper at Trois Minots

Tribal goodness, oh man, did I not expect this at all. What a fantastic barrage of drum symphony! Pick a Piper instantly brought a smile to my face when I saw there were two drum sets brought to the stage. Since Brad Weber is Dan Snaith's (Caribou formerly known as Manitba) touring drummer, I had an inkling things would be good. Snaith's shows are outpourings of mind governed physicality. What would Weber bring to the table on his own? Well, its clear the two have a similar vision. But, while Snaith goes synth-pop psychedelic, Weber goes for the tribal beats. All four members of Pick a Piper take to the sticks and pound their souls out.

The entire (albeit brief) set skirted through some other experimental genres. Trois Minots is not exactly the venue of choice for this kind of show, but lately this little venue has been showing some mighty fine artists -- its nice to have yet another stage available in this city so quality and mediocre acts can continue to flaunt their goods.

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