Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Do and Braids at Sala Rossa

It's been ages since I've posted, but seems that the art scene of Montreal is in full swing and I've made it out to a few shows and whatnot lately. I'm always keen to promote a band I enjoy, in particular one that seems to be finding its feet. This time, I'm again giving a proper hoot to the band Braids, one of the best bands on the MOntreal scene as of late and one that I expect will have a brilliant future. This four piecer came to my attention at the last pop montreal and I've tried to catch every performance since. They tend to seam their songs together, so that the entire production is more an experience or an art form than a straight up concert. Somewhat difficult to describe, they are somewhere in the realm of electronica and indie psychedellica. Strong on vocals, innovative, seemingly passionate -- yes Braids delivers a most enjoyable concert experience.

As for headliners, the Do, I found them insipid and a bit silly. Fun, yes, but kind of not my thing. HIgh production values, of course, and helped along by their very engaging performance. Yes, they were cute to the point of twee, as one might expect from a French-Finlandish duo. But cute only carries me so far when I like things a little more layered and a bit less cloying. However, they seemed to please the audience beyond giddiness with their pop melange.

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