Thursday, August 9, 2012

DeAnne Smith Review (admittedly late...)

The sourest part of DeAnne Smith’s solo show Livin’ the Sweet Life is that it ends too quickly. The impish Smith peppers the hour with neurotic asides as she recounts her latest experiences with bad dates, silent meditation retreats, and the physical and emotional pain of a bikini wax. Smith comes off as the best friend you wish you had; her smart, edgy humor resonates with so much authenticity that you barely notice that she’s increased your bank of Scrabble words. Her life tips are zen master wise, including a list of geek-appropriate pick-up lines that will ensure love will prosper even when calculating differential equations. She’s a master at harnessing the energy of the audience, using their humanity and good will to up the temperature of the show. Don’t miss this firecracker before she’s off again.

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